Tahnee & The Treehouse | Cloudland
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We are so excited and proud to introduce to you our Pre Teen/Teen division of the Treehouse…… CLOUDLAND!

For those of you who aren’t aware, CLOUDLAND came about because we now have so many gorgeous little dancers who are growing up so quickly and they just don’t want to leave the Treehouse (which is primarily marketed and targeted for 7 years and Under).

And the name? Well, our Miss Tahnee grew up listening to stories of her much loved Little Nan dancing at CLOUDLAND in Brisbane and meeting her Pop there as well. Nan and Pop sure could dance up a Storm and they were such a huge inspiration to Miss Tahnee with their passionate stories about rock and roll dancing in that iconic old dance hall on the hill in Brisbane.

Our plan is for our much loved students to begin their own dance journey climbing into the Treehouse and then venturing on to CLOUDLAND where the sky’s the limit! CLOUDLAND has all the ethos and ideas behind the Treehouse. It is simply the next step in the journey of becoming confident and creative young adults.


And as an integral part of CLOUDLAND, we thought how great it would be to have a once-a-term platform for our gorgeous young dancers to showcase what they are learning in class. So out of the clouds came the Storm! STORM SESSION is a place for our preteens and teens to come and dance, to utilise what they have learnt, to bring their friends and, in a safe environment, disco to their hearts content! (We are going to the call the disco part, FLASH-DANCE!)

CLOUDLAND STORM SESSION is a safe place where our gorgeous students can be creative in what ever way they want. Some might want to sing, or play a musical instrument, say a poem or just dance! All the kids in CLOUDLAND classes have been learning something that they can do at STORM SESSION. But there is no pressure at all and no costume!

Our STORM SESSIONS will be held once a term.