Tahnee & The Treehouse | Creative Camps
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Creative Camps

Creative & Active

Kids Camp

School holidays can be so much fun, but when little people become bored and are looking for something fun to do, why not try Creative Camp. Creative Camps are one day events and are held in each school holiday break. Designed to provide inspiration for young malleable minds, these days are just pure fun! A typical Creative Camp day is filled with participation in the Arts, Cooking, Acting, Singing, Painting, Making things and of course Dancing and Acrobatics. Any child between the ages of 4 -12 can participate.

The emphasis is on building confidence and enabling children to think for themselves, to feel and express those feelings, to act and feel confident talking in front of others, and of courseā€¦to CREATE! We believe that the imagination of a young child only takes a small amount of coaxing in a fun and safe environment to come out and take the child on a wonderful journey of discovery. To be Creative in all its forms is such a good solid base for a child in all aspects of their life.

Creative Camp day runs from 9am to 3pm.
Dates and venues will be advertised a few weeks before each school holidays.

Dancing Classes

If you have a youngster who loves to dance, you need to bring them to The Treehouse! Take a dancing class with Miss Tahnee and her team!

Music & Arts

Hone your magical voice and expand your imagination and creativity with Miss Tahnee and her team. Join our music & performance lessons!


At the end of every year your little ones have the opportunity to perform on stage. Let their little lights shine bright.

Creative Camps

Throughout the year we host Creative Camp events. A day of crafts, dance, giggles and lots of fun.

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