Tahnee & The Treehouse | Concert
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CONCERT 2019 – Saturday 30th November, 2019

Ok, so there are birthdays. There is Christmas. And then there is our END OF YEAR CONCERT!

The highlight of our dance year is the amazing performance we put on at The Gold Coast Arts Centre. (now called HOTA)

Although we stage a fully professional and fabulously entertaining show, it is ALL ABOUT THE KIDS! And it’s all about the experience that they will have in a real live theatre.

For the kids, the Concert will create memories that will last forever for. Magical memories made of backstage fun, stage lights and the excitement and confidence that comes from performing in front of proud family and friends.

As an audience, be prepared to laugh, cry and be entertained in the most delightful way.

Our Concert will take you on travels through time, trips around the world and to gala award shows.

You will never be the same after experiencing the joy of seeing your special little dancer in all their sparkly best, dance, laugh and have the best time on a big, professional stage!

The focus of our Concert is ALWAYS on the kids. From the minute they are delivered into our hands, all the way through their journey onto the stage, and then back to you after the applause has died down, it’s ALL about them. We, and our 60+ chaperones, monitor them closely, provide encouragement when needed and hold their hands through the entire event.This takes precedence over having a perfect show. And this care and focus on the kids, somehow translates across to make the show a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat spectacular.

Involvement in the Concert is optional but once you see one, you’ll be caught up in the excitement of the real theatre experience.

The Purpose of Performance for your child is in building confidence, creating memories and is a highlight of their year! It is a lightbulb moment for them, when they start to realise what dance, music and theatre means. That it makes you feel good, proud and happy that you have accomplished something special and creative!

The Purpose of Performance for a parent is to see the journey your child has made during the year towards being self confident, creative and happy little dancers. It is a time to get the camera out, bring the tissues and sit back and enjoy!

End of Year Concert Date

Saturday 30th November, 2019

Dancing Classes

If you have a youngster who loves to dance, you need to bring them to The Treehouse! Take a dancing class with Miss Tahnee and her team!

Music & Arts

Hone your magical voice and expand your imagination and creativity with Miss Tahnee and her team. Join our music & performance lessons!


At the end of every year your little ones have the opportunity to perform on stage. Let their little lights shine bright.

Creative Camps

Throughout the year we host Creative Camp events. A day of crafts, dance, giggles and lots of fun.

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