Tahnee & The Treehouse | FAQs
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What happens if my child is sick, or can’t attend a class for some reason?

We offer makeup classes for any missed classes.

Can I Pay As I Go (PAYG)?

We ask you to pay for the entire 10 week Term up front. This is to ensure you hold your spot in the class. A lot of our classes are waitlisted, so you need to commit to at least one Term. If you start late in the Term though, you will only pay for the remaining classes. We offer make up lessons for classes missed so you always get what you paid for.

Can we have a Free Trial?

YES. We offer the first class as a free trial.

What does my child need to bring?

Just a bottle of water for your little dancer.

What should they wear?

Whatever their little heart’s desire. As long as it’s comfortable and there are no dangly bits. And as long as THEY are happy in whatever they choose to wear to dance class.

Do they need special dance shoes?

NO. They can dance in barefeet if you like, but there are lots of little dance shoes available at Kmart and Big W which are very cheap.

Do you do an End of Year Performance?

We sure do! Check out our Concert Tab.

Do you participate in Eisteddfods and Competitions?

YES. Having said that though, we are not auditioning any time soon for Dance Moms! But we do have some children that thrive on competition and we understand that there is a place for this, but we are primarily a non-performance based school and emphasis will always be on each and EVERY child’s confidence.

Is there a discount for multiple classes?

YES. Every other class will be at a  20% discount.

I registered in the Parent Portal, but I can’t see my child’s class?

Once you have registered and enrolled in a class, your selected class will be invisible to you on your page. And for ANY concerns or problems with our Parent Portal, our friendly Admin lady is just an email away and she can fix all problems from her end.

For Admin or any other questions, email to:

Dancing Classes

If you have a youngster who loves to dance, you need to bring them to The Treehouse! Take a dancing class with Miss Tahnee and her team!

Music & Arts

Hone your magical voice and expand your imagination and creativity with Miss Tahnee and her team. Join our music & performance lessons!


At the end of every year your little ones have the opportunity to perform on stage. Let their little lights shine bright.

Creative Camps

Throughout the year we host Creative Camp events. A day of crafts, dance, giggles and lots of fun.

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