Accidents happen



01 Nov 2019

So, your toddler loves to dance and is having a fab time in dance class.

But sometimes accidents can happen. Very recently I had a little one have a small accident in class.

Mum was mortified and dragged her crying from the class. She never came back.

The first thing I can say about this is, don’t worry, it’s natural! Accidents happen and just because it has happened in dance class, doesn’t mean you need to feel bad or embarrassed.

One of the good lessons learnt from regular dance classes, or any type of class for that matter, is STICKABILITY…the art of giving it a good go.

So, it is always a valuable lesson for your little one to learn that a little accident should NEVER put a stop to something you love doing.

The mum that left in an embarassed state would have been far better to just take her little dancer to the toilet, cleaned her up, given her a huge big scrumptious hug and sent her back in to enjoy the rest of the class with lots of pride in her little dancer.


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