All Things Dance


10 Jun 2021


Why should you encourage your child to do Tap Dance?

TAP DANCE is one of the most unique dance forms because we dance AND we create music using Tap shoes as percussion instruments.

Tap is all about rhythm. It is the breaking down of the beats and timing in music, it creates a total understanding of timing in dance.

More than any other dance style, Tap is the best thing your child can do to understand the complex sounds that make music ‘feel’ right.

Understanding tempo, beats, rhythm and timing is why we should be encouraging our kids to take a tap class.


Because of the combinations of counting, music and movement, Tap Dance engages many parts of the brain and helps its capacity for learning.


The musical understanding that comes from Tap dance class has been found to be related to higher IQ and overall academic achievement.


Tap Class requires listening skills to understand rhythm patterns. These rhythmic listening skills can positively impact the development of language and reasoning.


While many dance classes strive for visual uniformity, Tap classes have the added challenge of creating rhythmic harmony. Each child must know and understand their rhythmic part in the larger ensemble.


In Tap Class, students face and conquer the challenges of learning to expand both their musical ability and Tap vocabulary. Tap students learn to take risks and discover their own voices through sound improvisation. Not everyone can express themselves through song, but everyone can express themselves through the creative rhythms of tap sounds.

And ultimately Tap dance rhythms ‘tap’ into our own beats that we individually march too. Tap loosens up boundaries and creates harmony within. Tap, along with drumming, is good for the soul!

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