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Miss Tahnee is Australia’s best kept secret. Children are introduced to a magical, wonderful world of dance where they firstly develop a passion for dancing, then they are taught the fundamentals as they go along, without realising it!

If you have a little star who seems to dance everywhere and move with joy whenever a good song comes on, then you need to bring them to The Treehouse!


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Tahnee has an amazing bond with a the kids in her class and I know my son leaves there feeling so important and valued. She has the patience of a saint and it is all about good times.

- Renee Johansson

So yeah, I’m one of those conservative, sit up the back, try not to get noticed Dad’s that got dragged along to see his little girl at Tahnee’s and, well, I LOVED IT! Not in the turn-up, go every week kind of way. But just to see a well organised, supportive and happy environment for kids to express themselves at a young age. WELL DONE. And HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

- Adam Richards

Tahnee you are amazing. You connect so well with the children. Your energy just sends out a big hug that lets the children know they are okay. I loved that you have created imaginative ‘games’ to entice the children while they learn ‘proper’ ballet. Taleigha was so engaged and so happy. As I mentioned to you she tends to watch and take it all in, assess before she jumps in; but today she was comfortable from the very beginning. Watching her and you with the class I found myself crying so many times with pride for Taleigha and with happiness that we had found the right teacher and that she was having so much fun. Thank you.

- Amanda L Blair

Took my 2 (in October) year old son for his first visit today. He started off a shy little koala but within a few minutes he turned into a drunk uncle at a wedding, couldn’t get him off the dance floor. I literally had to drag him out of the next class that was starting. Lol. Will definitely be back next week!

- Stephany Radnoty

Tahnee is full of such wonderful energy and enthusiasm. The way she combines dance technique, music and imagination is unique and fabulous. I wish I found her earlier. My daughter adores her:)

- Tanya Chipps


Here at The Treehouse we are passionate about our environment and doing whatever small thing we can to help stop the damage being done to our planet on a daily basis.

So we created our own Foundation and our focus is on Trees and Bees.

TREES: We work with the wonderful 15TREES organisation and we will donate the cost of a tree planting for every episode sold. The more trees we have, the more Treehouses!

BEES: We have our own native bee hives and our very own beekeeper and all funds needed for the upkeep of our little bee community will come from profits made through our Online classes.

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