Our bees are thriving!

Trees and Bees


30 Jan 2020

We are loving our thriving little bee community. Our resident beekeeper Dr Ash, has been busy, making lots of honey for all the Treehouse family, and also her latest project, these oh so cute little beehive candles. How cute are they? And they are made from the wax that comes from the beehive! We love these, they smell Devine.


The bees are just thriving and the new Native beehive is growing and growing! We are starting to see lots of these natives in the garden. They are just the best, with their little chubby bodies, blue stripes and feathery headpieces. We just love them! (They are elusive, but we will try very hard to get a photo of them next time they are in the flower garden)


Stay tuned for more photos and videos of our bees. (And an update on our latest tree planting!)



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