Thanks to you, we are planting a mini forest!

Trees and Bees


22 Jul 2020

We are so excited!

As you all know our Trees and Bees Foundation supports the wonderful Fifteen Trees organisation that is responsible for planting trees in the bush fire affected areas in all parts of Australia.

We have already bought a gorgeous new High-rise apartment for our Bees in Queensland and now it is time to plant some Trees.

The planters from Fifteen Trees have had to wait for the ground to be just right in the areas worst affected by the bushfires, and now everything is really greening up and getting ready to grow. 

So we are planting a forest full of trees! 

Thanks to you, our gorgeous Treehouse families, we have sold lots of merchandise and so we have used some of our profits to buy a forest full of baby trees. We have organised to film our Tree planting day so you will all get to see these trees being planted, and we will keep you updated as to where our forest will be.

We just love the fact that while your beautiful kiddies get to dance and create, we also get to give something back to our amazing planet! 

Our aim for this year is to plant a Tree for every one of our students!

So a huge big THANKYOU to you all, for all the love and support you have sent our way over the crazy times we have just been through.

Love from the Bees and Trees team and all of us at The Treehouse!


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