Good-bye Marilyn



15 May 2020


Miss Tahnee update.

When Tahnee was first diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, her first reaction, naturally, was fear. I was there when the doctor rang, and the look on her face still haunts me. Confusion, worry and dread of that awful thing….that terrifying, misunderstood, hated C word!

This 14cm mass showed up as an ominous bright red blotch on the Pet Scan. Marilyn the Mass was there, in all her lit up glory. Kind of sparkly and beautiful but very deadly and definitely an intruder!

It wasn’t long though before that fear turned to pure determination. Maybe it is just her personality, her selflessness, and her strong character but it didn’t take Tahnee long to realise that this was something that she could and would fix.

Marilyn was not wanted, so Tahnee decided to love her away.

Daily chats to her, sending her love and then of course all the medical backup. Chemo, immunotherapy and lots and lots of mysterious little pills to be taken, plus a needle that she would have to give herself once a fortnight.

And daily meditations by Tahnee…swamping Marilyn with love and imagining her internal army gently washing her away.

The Midway Pet Scan.

I was with Tahnee when she got the results of the scan. The doc pretty much came straight out with “the news is good”

Good was an understatement. There were no red ‘lit up’ spots anywhere. The radiologist’s cautious diagnosis was Probable Remission!

The Journey back

So here we are, halfway through this journey back to a healthy and happy Miss Tahnee. There are just 4 weeks to go of her treatment and then it will be time to heal, and to reflect on it all. In some ways the last 7 weeks have been very surreal. Did all this really happen? And how will the next few months go? 

I have no doubt that with the Treehouse Family and Tahnee’s Army behind her, Tahnee will be focusing on life! And a new improved version of Tahnee and The Treehouse, the school. 

More compassion, more creativity, more family, friendships and love, and more of everything that The Treehouse has stood for before all this happened.

Watch this space guys, because Tahnee was diagnosed by the doctors with NHL, but the truth is, she was really diagnosed with NC@L,  (a New Chance at Life), and I know in her heart, she is grateful, inspired, happy and so very very thankful!




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