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29 Mar 2020

Does anyone else feel like the world has tipped upside down and things are all topsy turvy?

We do for sure.

First it was learning to deal with this new world where we can’t hug anyone, where we do strange little dances around people we pass on the street and where the eternal hand washing has now become a comforting habit.

We decided to shut the doors to our studios and we have been carrying on with our dance classes held in the virtual classroom. It has actually proven to be soo much fun! So, all is good on that front and we have every confidence that all our students can keep dancing and our beautiful teachers will be looked after as well.

But then life threw us a curve ball..

Our captain, the very heart and soul of the Treehouse, the much loved Miss Tahnee, took herself to hospital just a week or so ago, thinking she had a virus and that she would be tested for Corona, but no, within just a few days, she was diagnosed with lymphoma.

I have to tell you that our family history is not great. Tahnee lost her beautiful dad to stomach cancer when she was 16. And I think it hits home just that tiny little bit harder. Its a bit more scary and unknown because we as a family have already walked down that terrifying path.

But I wish you could all have known her dad. He was one of the most selfless and caring people you ever would meet. His last few days were spent trying to tell people about how good life is and to stop wasting it.

I think Tahnee wants to do the same. 

In Typical Tahnee fashion, straight after her diagnosis she was most concerned about her little charges, her gorgeous little dancers. She was so worried for them and how they would deal with what she will have to go through.

We all know that Tahnee is one of the good people, the caring and compassionate people. And just like her dad, she has something to say. A message that this journey doesn’t have to be bad, it can be done with laughter, love and happiness. As she said herself, when life throws you lemons, you make margaritas.

She is sharing her story on INSTAGRAM and it is all at once inspiring and beautiful, scary and sad, but it is a journey I think many would want to follow.

Behind her every step of the way is Tahnee’s Army! All the Treehouse family, the mums and dads, the friends and the family around the world that have her back and all are supporting her with a resounding SHE’S GOT THIS!

If you would like to follow her journey, then please follow her instagram account:   igot_this_mumma and let’s help carry this much loved teacher, mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend to the whole, healthy place she will be on the other side of the lymphoma journey.


In this crazy upside down world, with support, our rapidly expanding Treehouse FAMILY, and so much love, we have ALL got this!





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