Trees and Bees


Trees and Bees


13 Dec 2019

At Tahnee and The Treehouse we love Trees!! And we want to make sure that every time someone downloads one of our Online classes, we will plant a tree or two.

We are affiliated with the wonderful 15 Trees and are very excited to see our forest of trees that we will have planted by the end of the year.

We will keep everyone updated on our plantings and show videos and photos whenever we can.

And then of course there are our bees. It is a well known fact that without bees, we won’t really have an earth worth living on. So how can we help? By having our very own Native Bee Hive.

Keep a look out for updates on our Native Bees and our Honey producing Beehive that our friendly Beekeeper, Dr Ash has built at the Bee Happy Honey Home.


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